Family-Based Immigration

There are many categories of family-based immigration through which a US citizen or a legal permanent resident may file for the immigration of their relative. Depending upon the petitioner’s status, and the category of their relative and also depending upon where that relative is currently located, the filing process and timeline may differ. It is critical that the petitioner prepare and send in the proper forms with the proper amount of fees, as well as the required supporting documents to the correct address. Here at MS Legal Firm, we can guide you with our expertise so that your close ones are able to come and join you as quickly as possible. Obtaining and maintaining a valid legal status is imperative, now more than ever, and we can help ease the stress by taking care of this complicated and often confusing process in an efficient and timely manner. Put your mind at ease and let the experts at MS Legal Firm handle it.

If this is something that interests you or someone you know, MS Legal Firm can help navigate this process and help to obtain this most sought-after Green Card by helping to file the proper forms and documents that can lead to the desired outcome of permanent residency within the United States. When you're ready, contact us to see how we can help you with your Investment-based Immigration.